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Developing a Records Management Discipline Webinar
Tuesday, October 17 2017, 9:00 – 10:30am

Keep everything forever?  Keep nothing?  Regardless of whether you create the information or are the recipient, it still needs to be determined what must or should be retained, and for how long.  Add to the current mix the various ways that information is created and communicated (email, instant messaging, social networking, or paper).  What is an organization to do?  In this session, we will discuss what the record management standards are and the risks and recommendations for developing a records management discipline.

Succession Planning for the Bank’s Success Webinar
Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 9:00 – 10:30am

The changing workforce and aging baby boomers are realities leading more financial institutions to seek help in understanding who on their staff is able to and willing to fill key roles over the next five years.  Determining the depth of the talent pipeline internally and externally isn’t easy.  Succession planning is not a new concept, yet many struggle at creating processes and a robust approach that moves beyond a static list of names kept in a file.  A succession planning program includes a focus on positions critical to the company’s strategic plan as well as a focus on employees and their development.  This session will look at the issues and challenges of succession in today’s workplace and provide an overview of some practical approaches and tools to guide effective succession planning.


The IBC has partnered with Financial Education and Development, Inc. and the Community Bankers Webinar Network for more than 10 years.  Through this partnership we are able to provide you and your team members with the most timely, informative and pertinent training courses available.  In 2016, we offered over 150 webinars.  Webinars are a popular, convenient, and cost-effective training method as you are able to train as many of your employees as you like for one price in the comfort of your offices or training room.  There are no travel expenses or time away from work.

You are able to attend the webinar "live" and/or receive a recorded webinar with a free digital download.  Recorded webinars are available for any webinar that has been presented within the previous six months.  When you register for a recorded webinar with a free digital download, a link will be emailed approximately one week before the live webinar.  The recorded webinar can be viewed anytime 24/7 beginning six business days following the live webinar.  The recording can be keep indefinitely.  The link also contains the audio/visual recording of the live webinar broadcast (including question and answer session), a PDF file of the handouts and the speaker's email address so you may ask follow-up questions. 

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