2019 Webinar Schedule

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Cybersecurity Webinar Series - presented in partnership with CSI
Wednesdays, January 30, February 13, and February 27
1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Session 1: The Bankers Guide to the Cybersecurity Dilemma
Bankers everywhere are facing a growing dilemma: How to address the continual threats of a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. It is a challenge that demands time, attention and scarce resources. While the answer may not be easy, the most effective first step to solving the dilemma is to become “cyber aware.” In this session, you will discover what prepared banks know about today’s cyber risks and what they are doing to mitigate against them. You will leave this session armed with a list of simple steps to implement and improve your security posture.
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Uncovering today’s top cyber risks and what you need to know
  • Identifying five simple steps every bank should be utilizing
  • Pinpointing one key difference in banks that are successfully cyber aware
 Presenter:          Steve Sanders, Vice President of Internal Audit, CSI

Session 2: An Inside Tour of the Dark Web
Sure, you have heard about the “dark web,” but really, what is it? Essentially, the dark web is a cybercriminal’s playground – and your worst nightmare. You need to know not only what is out there, but also what is on there. By learning more about it, you can be more proactive in protecting your institution. In this session, a security expert will shine light onto the harsh realities of the dark web and provide you valuable knowledge on how cybercriminals operate in this “underground” black market.
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding how cybercriminals access the dark web and what they use it for
  • Examining the types of data and other nefarious materials available there
  • Identifying how cybercriminals use the dark web to facilitate today’s most prevalent cybercrimes
 Presenter:       Tyler Leet, Director of Risk and Compliance Services, CSI

Session 3: Beating Cybercriminals to the Punch by Mitigating Zero Day Exploits
Zero day exploits are a serious threat to any bank. Sure, cybercriminals are lurking everywhere, but when a known vulnerability emerges, they can double down on their efforts to exploit it instantly. For that very reason, community banks need to have a plan in place to mitigate zero day exploits. Join us for this session where we’ll explore the timeline and lifecycle of dealing with an exploit – from the moment it’s identified to the time a fix is released. We’ll also examine real-world examples that CSI’s Support Desk has encountered and offer advice on how to handle such scenarios. You’ll walk away with practical tips for beating cybercriminals to the punch when it comes to mitigating zero day exploits.
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Defining zero day exploits and why community banks should be aware
  • Reviewing real-world examples of how such exploits have affected other banks
  • Identifying best practices for mitigating zero day exploits at your institution
 Presenters:       Rachael Schwartz, Business Development Director, CSI
                            Stephen G. Smith, CISSP – Manager, Network Operations & Security Services, CSI


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