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Friday, July 12, 2019

Leadership Institute Series: ALL 4 SESSIONS

Start Date: 7/12/2019 8:00 AM MDT
End Date: 8/2/2019 9:30 AM MDT

Organization Name: Independent Bankers of Colorado

Maelynn Lewis
Phone: 303-832-2000

Leadership Institute Series 
It’s complicated. We know! You have attracted great employees by offering benefit plans, good salaries, but how do you retain them? A savvy leader inspires and motivates team members, a poor leader has the opposite effect. Productivity declines, employee morale diminishes and eventually top performers start looking for employment elsewhere. 
Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you inspire and motivate team members? 
  2. Do you have good relationships with your team members? 
  3. Can you deal with employees in a positive way that maintains and enhances their self-esteem? 
  4. Have you created a team atmosphere by empowering team members, allowing them to participate in setting goals, solving problems and making decisions when possible?
If you cannot answer YES to these questions, then this 4-part webinar series is for you! Discover and explore how you can develop and inspire your team!
  • Emotional Intelligence: Strengthening Leadership Skills
  • Time Management of Leadership
  • How to Have Productive Critical Conversations
  • Winning the Game of Business by Engaging Your Team
Session 1: Emotional Intelligence: Strengthening Leadership Skills – Friday, July 12, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. 
The connection between successful leaders and strong emotional intelligence skills is documented through research. Effective leaders have an awareness of where they are going and a repertoire of skills to get there. They are also confident and approachable under the most stressful of circumstances. During this webinar we will present aspects of successful leaders, as well as fundamental and common challenges for leaders. Through identification and practice, developing emotional intelligence skills will strengthen your leadership skills and help bring you success!
Session 2: Time Management for Leadership – Friday, July 19, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
When you begin to manage people, organizing your time reaches a new level of complexity–team members may require more time with you than you’re anticipating, direct reports may frequently come by your desk with questions, and you may receive more emails than you can keep up with. As the leader of your team, you want to make sure you’re being productive with your time while setting a good example for your team. This webinar helps you understand the challenges with managing your time, while offering practical skills and strategies for efficient time management. Topics covered:
  • Identifying your time management style
  • Multitasking
  • Delegating
  • Prioritizing
  • Time robbers
  • Understanding the time management matrix
  • Tools and tips for effective time management
Session 3: How to Have Productive Critical Conversations – Friday, July 26, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
The easiest time to deal with a conflict or challenge is when the issue first shows itself. Unfortunately, many leaders decide to postpone having a critical conversation with a team member. What’s the result? Not only does the issue not go away, it festers and grows until you’re finally forced to have the dreaded critical conversation. The truth is a critical conversation doesn’t have to be negative. Critical conversations are opportunities to help coach and guide our teammates’ performance. When we choose not to deal with conflict early on, we make our jobs and the jobs of those we lead harder. Critical issues never go away on their own. They only grow into a harsher, sometimes catastrophic level. How to have a productive critical conversations is focused on teaching leaders:
  • Why and when to have a critical conversation with a team member
  • How the leader can prepare him/herself and their team member for a critical conversation
  • The steps to having a critical conversation
  • How to hold team members accountable after the critical conversation
Session 4: Winning the Game of Business by Engaging Your Team – Friday, August 2, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.
Engagement is a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for the company, which influences them to put in greater effort. Higher engagement levels yield higher employee productivity and retention rates. This makes employee engagement a powerful factor in the success of any financial institution. Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profit-oriented, which in turn leads to higher value creation for stakeholders. Hence, banks that have a robust engagement plan in place are better equipped than their competitors to succeed over time. In today’s competitive banking space, employee engagement is becoming crucial in winning the game of business. At the end of this session, you will be able to:
  • Define and recognize employee engagement
  • Create an engaging work environment
  • Use employee engagement strategies
  • Prevent disengagement
Chris DiLorenzo, The James Paul Group, has more than 25 years’ experience in strategic sales, marketing and business development specializing in the financial services industry. He is highly experienced in recruiting, directing and training sales teams in productive sales techniques. His expertise in relationship building and client development helped him achieve numerous awards during his sales and management career. In addition, his consulting expertise gives him the ability to identify niche marketing opportunities, conceptualize market needs and develop resource planning strategies with innovative sales and marketing skills.

Who Should Attend
This webinar is designed for presidents, branch managers, CFOs and others wanting to learn more about leadership coaching. 
Registration pricing
Register for the entire 4-part series and $ave or pick and choose the session(s) that best meet your personal and professional learning objectives.
                                        Series Webinar Pricing       Individual Webinar Session
IBC NGBL Members                    $600                                           $165 
IBC Education Members              $650                                           $178
IBC Members                               $700                                           $190 
IBC Non-members                       $800                                           $215             
Register online or download and complete the attached registration form.

This seminar will be conducted via webconference. Webconferences provide cost-effective training and allows for questions to be answered without time away from the bank. An unlimited number of team members are able to attend from one location. A phone number, web link and reservation number prior to the seminar(s) will be provided prior to the webconference. Pricing is per location/phone line NOT per bank. Registration deadline is one week prior to the offering. The IBC reserves the right to cancel any program for which there is insufficient funds to cover the expense of the program. In the event of cancellation by IBC registration fees will be refunded.

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