The Independent Bankers of Colorado (IBC) is Colorado’s exclusive voice for Colorado’s community banks.  With more than 50 members, the IBC represents banks of all of sizes, charter types and is dedicated to solely representing the interests of the community banking industry and the communities and customers they serve.

Community banks improve our standard of living by funding small businesses, farmers and use local dollars to assist families to purchase homes and other goods, finance college and build financial security.  Community bankers are our neighbors, friends, and a vital component of every community.

The IBC believes in fair competition for all financial institutions, maintaining the separation of banking and commerce, and a balanced financial system to prevent the concentration of economic and financial-services resources.

Through strong leadership and effective advocacy, the IBC works to protect the interests of Colorado’s community banks both at the state and federal level.  One solid, strong united voice heard throughout the Capitol.  The IBC is committed to upholding the highest professional standards in community banking and providing programs tailored specifically for community bankers.

Colorado Banking at Its Best