Conferences and Seminars

Advanced Cash Flow Seminar
Thursday, August 12, 2021, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

This workshop will explore multiple models of both business and personal (business owner) cash flow analyses.
The session will begin with the business “traditional” EBITDA cash flow and personal cash flow of the “business owner” (using the 1040 tax return, K-1 forms, and the personal financial statement). Additionally, the Global Cash Flow or combined “business & personal” cash flow model will be displayed. This will be followed by the Statement of Cash Flows (using the Direct and Indirect Methods), as prepared by the CPA, the UCA Cash Flow (using the Moody’s software spreadsheet), Cash Basis Cash Flow, Fixed-Charge Coverage (FCC), and Free Cash Flow (FCF). Various cash flow projections and sensitivity analyses will also be explored. The webinar will then conclude with “commercial real estate” (CRE) cash flow analysis and other related real estate “investment” cash flow models. Major topics covered:

  • Business (EBITDA) & Personal Cash Flow Analyses
  • Global Cash Flow: Combining the Business and Personal Cash Flows
  • Statement of Cash Flows, UCA Cash Flow, Cash Basis Cash Flow, Fixed-Charge Coverage, and Free Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow Projections and Sensitivity Analysis
  • CRE Cash Flow Analysis including Investment Model

Agricultural Lenders School
Tuesday-Thursday, October 12-14, 2021

Information available soon!

HR Summit

Information coming soon!

Compliance Training
In conjunction with ProBank Austin, IBC offers the best compliance training available. Programs on Deposit Compliance, HMDA, Lending Disclosures, and much more, are offered throughout the year. ProBank Austin provides comprehensive bank regulatory compliance seminars virtually with their Remote Seminars. Many of their virtual events include time for audience participation and practice scenarios to keep you engaged throughout the program. In addition, the presenter will join you online using a live stram format allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with them. These programs are provided not only as a convenient learning method for you, but also as a safe distance learning option during times of a pandemic or anytime that travel may be restricted or limited. To learn more and view upcoming programs click here.

Advanced HMDA - November 15-16; December 27-28
TRID Fundamentals with Workshop - August 23-24; September 7-8; November 22-23
2021 Bank Secrecy Act 2-day School - August 18-19; September 15-16; September 29-30; October 6-7; November 2-3; December 7-8; December 28-29
Essential Lending Compliance – December 28-29
2021 Real Estate Lending Compliance – August 16-18; October 18-20; November 1-3; December 13-15
Advanced Account Administration – October 25-26
Compliance Officer Boot Camp – November 16-18; December 14-16
Mortgage Lending-Start to Finish – August 25; September 27; October 4; Octoer 13; November 29; December 28
Fair Lending: Detect, Monitor & Exam – August 9, August 25; September 9; September 16; October 5; October 13; October 28; November 8, November 17, December 15
Advanced TRID – September 10; September 22; October 12; November 4; December 10; December 21
How to Ensure Compliance with Deposit Regulations – August 17; September 7; November 2; December 7; December 21
Social Media Bootcamp – September 9; November 2
Mastering HMDA – September 8; September 15; October 12; October 19; October 27; November 3; November 30; December 7
2021 ACH Processing and Compliance – August 24; September 14; October 5; November 4; December 1; December 30
Appraisal Regulations – November 12
Privacy, Security and Fraud: How to Protect Your Customer – November 9; December 27
Loan Products-Overview of the Compliance Requirements – November 30
Lending Compliance 101 – October 13; December 20
UDAP/UDAAP: Spot the Issues – August 18