Deluxe Strategic Sourcing (formerly AccuSource Solutions)

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Reduce your total procurement-related costs by 22% to 28% annually with Deluxe Strategic Sourcing. Schedule a 30-minute meeting to learn more about Deluxe’s procurement analysis process, and how you can receive big-bank benefits, no matter your size.

With Deluxe Strategic Sourcing, you achieve procurement savings in two ways:
1. Save money on the items you regularly buy for your institution, such as operational printing and office supplies, janitorial and break-room
necessities, promotional items and more by leveraging the massive buying power of Deluxe. Typical savings: 12% to 15%.
2. Save on resources related to managing your procurement operation, like labor and space, by relying on Deluxe Strategic Sourcing for supply and inventory management. Typical savings: 10% to 13%. For a quick estimate of how much you could save on procurement, try the calculator tool at

Let Deluxe Guarantee Your Savings
Procurement experts from Deluxe Strategic Sourcing can provide you with a free, no obligation analysis that guarantees your total procurement savings.  The analysis involves an in-depth examination of your current purchasing requirements, administrative overhead, spending and suppliers.

Take the First Step 
Schedule a 30-minute meeting, in person or via WebEx, to learn more about Deluxe Strategic Sourcing and the procurement analysis process.

Chuck Allor