COINPAC - Colorado Independents Political Action Committee

COINPAC is a non-partisan, statewide registered political action committee that promotes incumbent and challenger lawmakers who support and advance issues that are of importance to community banking and small business. COINPAC is organized as an unincorporated association whose members are the members of the IBC Board of Directors acting in their individual capacities.

Who Can Contribute
YOU! Also, corporate contributions can be made by state banks and bank holding companies (regardless of the charters of their bank subsidiaries). Although national-chartered institutions are prohibited from making corporate contributions, individuals associated with national banks may personally contribute. Officers, directors, staff, and friends may make personal contributions at any time.

How Donations are Distributed
COINPAC’s members, with input and feedback from IBC’s lobbying team, determine how to allocate contributed funds to best serve community banks based on a variety of factors including the public legislative position statements and issue promotions of candidates and legislators, their voting records, their occupational history, and COINPAC members’ first-hand knowledge about and familiarity with them.

Why You Should Contribute to COINPAC
Each legislative session, potential bills are contemplated, proposed, and some ultimately introduced that can positively OR negatively affect the ability of community banks and small business to operate profitably, safely and soundly and in the best interest of local communities and local economies. Competitor interest groups, regulatory agencies and consumer groups continually attempt to influence lawmakers for their own purpose, many times seeking legislation that would make it difficult and onerous for the community banking profession to perform its critical work. COINPAC strives to ensure that community banking support always has a seat at the legislative and policy making tables.