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Friday, November 6, 2020

Beyond the Basics of Consumer Lending

Start Date: 11/4/2020 7:00 AM MST
End Date: 11/6/2020 1:30 PM MST

Organization Name: Independent Bankers of Colorado

Maelynn Lewis
Phone: (303) 832-2000

3-Day Beyond the Basic: Consumer Lending Training Program, Live Virtual
Wednesday-Friday, November 4-6, 2020

The Independent Bankers of Colorado partners with the Virginia Association of Community Banks to bring you this timely, cost-effective Fundamentals of Consumer Lending Bootcamp.
Today’s lending function must focus on gaining fully banked customers versus just “making the deal!” The Beyond the Basics: Consumer Lending Training Program is a two-and-a half day, intensive “real world” program focusing on the tools, skills, strategies, and processes needed for today’s consumer lending team. This program is filled with case studies, pre-and post-testing, and skills practices.
As a result of attending this program you will be prepared to:
  • Identify, define, and relate to key consumer credit terms
  • Discuss the factors involved in structuring a loan
    • Conduct a loan interview and identify additional opportunities
    • Obtain an understanding of the credit reporting scoring
    • Comply with federal and state regulations that affect the consumer loan sales and application process
    • Explain the function of the various departments that support the consumer loan process
    • Service customer inquiries and maintenance requests regarding consumer loans
  • Expanding the Customer Relationship
  • Credit Investigation
  • In Depth Product Knowledge
  • Analyze the Credit Report
  • Lending Regulatory Compliance
  • Conducting the Loan Interview
  • Analyzing the Financials – from pay stubs to tax returns
  • Applying the Consumer Loan Guidelines
  • Communicating the Loan Decision
  • Perfecting the Lien
  • Providing a systematic approach for maximizing and growing both the credit and total
banking relationship
  • Determine the borrower’s ability to repay the loan by evaluating a customer’s credit worthiness and analyzing the different sources of repayment
  • Learning how to meet the customer’s lending needs from “cradle to grave”
  • Recognize ways to mitigate risks associated with different types of consumer loans
  • Relate the benefits of consumer credit and the effects of its abuse on the borrower, the community, and the bank
  • Experience the “hands on” process in a learning environment
  • Network with peers for shared experience
This program is designed bankers with limited experience in consumer lending including, but not limited to relationship and consumer loan officers, branch management, universal bankers, management interns, collection officers, and anyone interested in learning more about consumer lending.
Trina McCoy, Senior Consultant and Facilitator, Performance Solutions, Inc.
Performance Solutions, Inc. (PSI), is a training and consulting company that has been a part of the banking community for more than 35 years. PSI specializes in providing solutions to the key challenges facing banks today in attracting and building profitable relationships with their customers. Trina started her career with a regionals bank in 1999 as an in-store branch manager and later managed a traditional branch. She also served as a Regional Manager and City President where she assisted with the opening of over 30 branches and was responsible for managing, training, and operations duties. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement.