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Friday, January 22, 2021

Bank COVID Survival Webinar Series

Start Date: 1/22/2021 8:30 AM MST
End Date: 1/22/2021 9:30 AM MST

Organization Name: Independent Bankers of Colorado

Maelynn Lewis
Phone: (303) 832-2000

Bank COVID Survival Webinar Series
This 3-part series not only provides techniques, tips, and tactics to survive, you and your team will discover how to thrive during 2021 and beyond. Sessions include:
  • Psychological Safety: Developing High Performing, Highly Engaged Teams During a Crisis
  • Customer Service in the Age of COVID
  • How to Become the Resilient Leader Who Thrives During a Crisis
Session 1:  Psychological Safety: Developing High Performing, Highly Engaged Teams During a Crisis
Friday January 22, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
Many banking leaders would love for their workplace to be a learning organization. Why? Because learning is key to future success and being a learning organization gives you and your bank a better chance at continued or new success. Learning has become much more difficult because of the current crisis we are experiencing.
Recent studies have focused on one key aspect in successful learning organizations. In fact, you could call it a bit of a pre-requisite. That one key aspect? Psychological Safety.
Psychological safety is the principle that when people feel safe in the workplace and are encouraged to contribute ideas and concerns, they are apt to develop a culture of knowledge, learning, and innovation. This has become more important than ever due to measures of daily stresses and worries spiked throughout 2020.
Imagine if your teams were better prepared to create a culture where they could:
  • Feel confident to speak on issues of importance
  • Take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed
  • Highlight potential challenges before they become issues
  • Openly share ideas and opportunities for improvement
Session 2:  Customer Service in the Age of COVID-19
Friday January 29, 8:30 -9:30 a.m.
Nothing Fails like Success! 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. First bank lobbies closed, now they are back open but what does that look like? And most importantly, what are customers’ expectations? How should your team respond? What protocols should be in place? Successes during this pandemic have been happening; however, these successes can breed complacency in service levels. During these trying times, there is a need for relentless commitment to continuous improvement. During this session you and your will:
  • Review current research regarding employee and customer expectations and reactions
  • Learn procedures that will help your team feel safe and deliver high quality service while maintaining safety requirements
  • Exceed customer expectations by surprising and delighting them. All community banks say their differentiation is in their service. Now is the time to prove it.
 This can mean the difference between gaining new accounts and customer loyalty and losing valuable customers for good.
Session 3:  How to Become a Resilient Leader who Thrives During a Crisis
Friday February 5, 2021, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
COVID-19 is disrupting the way we live and how workplaces operate worldwide. We realize the greatest challenge you – our leaders – are facing is being able to find a balance between being empathetic and authoritative. In addition, you may unknowingly be haphazardly trying to learn the necessary skills to lead your remote team and remote doesn’t just mean “work from home.”

Pandemic, organizational changes, crises, and remote working all require skill sets that do not come naturally. You will need support and guide as you learn and implement these new skills. This session will help develop and equip you with the leadership skills you need to thrive during COVID-19 and beyond.
Equip your leaders with the skills to:
  • Lead their teams with personal understanding of their teams’ concerns
  • Implement and uphold bank and government policies
  • Manage workflow between team members that are not in the same building
Connie West, The James Paul Group,  has more than 20 years of experience in community banking. She is proficient at developing individuals and teams with an emphasis on driving results for profits. Her consulting expertise enables her to create programs that increase revenue through measurable customer acquisition and retention. She has won several industry awards for results driven campaigns, has been featured in industry publications, and is a frequently requested speaker at industry conferences. Prior to joining The James Paul Group, Ms. West worked in various capacities within the financial services industry including as a teller and marketing officer with United National Bank.
Who Should Attend
Branch managers, supervisors, and all team members because everyone is a leader in their own space. 
Registration pricing
Register for the entire 3-part series and $ave or pick and choose the session(s) that best meet your personal and professional learning objectives. IBC Education Program Members enter promo code Ed Program Discount when registering for the series or Ed Member for individual sessions during check out.
Pricing Series Additional Location(s) Individual Session(s) Individual Session (s) Additional Location
IBC Education Program Member $550 $500 $200 $150
IBC Member $700 $650 $250 $200
IBC Non Members $1,000 $950 $350 $300
Pricing is per connection. The Series will be conducted live via GoToWebinar. Registration and logon information will be emailed prior to the program. Registration deadline is Friday, January 15, 2021. Cancellation Policy: Written cancellation (email acceptable) must be received on or before Friday, January 15, 2021, and will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. NO refunds will be granted after Friday, January 15, 2021; however, a substitute may attend. The IBC reserves the right to cancel any program for which there is insufficient funds to cover the expense of the program. In the event of cancellation by the IBC you will be notified by either phone or email.

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